Copyright & Entertainment

The Copyright & Entertainment Group is well-versed in U.S. Copyright Law and its application across a wide range of industries.  We are experienced in obtaining copyright registrations from the U.S. Copyright Office for all types of works, including jewelry designs, motion pictures, computer software and mobile apps, literary and musical works, books, catalogs, product labeling and toys. We also provide counsel with respect to the myriad changes affecting copyright law as it pertains to new technology. We counsel fashion houses, production companies, motion picture companies, recording artists, designers, comedians and screen play writers, ensuring their rights are protected worldwide and that they receive proper compensation from third parties who use their work.

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+ National and International Copyright Counseling, Clearance, Prosecution & Registration

We regularly advise clients on protecting their rights in any number of media, including textual, visual, audio-visual, musical, and computer software works in the United States and around the world to the fullest extent permitted by law. Our attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of various forms of national and international protections for literary and artistic works, such as the protection of droit moral and integrity rights in Europe, requirements for the provision of such rights under the Berne Convention, and the extent of protection of those rights in the United States. Ladas & Parry renders opinions on clients’ rights, on the possibility their work might infringe on others’ rights, and on how best to maximize the protections available at law. We conduct various types of clearance searches, including fashion design clearance, provide clients with opinion letters, prepare applications for copyright registrations, as well as handle the transfer and assignment of copyrights.

+ Complex Intellectual Property Transactions & Disputes

Ladas & Parry understands that copyrights are a creator’s most valuable asset, and counsels clients on potential transactions and disputes. We conduct due diligence reviews and evaluations, and render opinions on copyright duration, validity, and infringement to provide our clients with a better understanding of the strength of their rights and of potential liabilities.

Our attorneys are skilled in drafting and negotiating copyright-related licenses and industry specific agreements. We routinely draft agreements concerning credits and billing, creative control and transfer of rights and creative products, right of privacy and publicity, and unfair competition. We work closely with clients to gain a clear understanding of their needs and goals, and ensure their voice is heard in negotiations and reflected in any written agreement.

+ Internet Issues and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

In the past 20 years digital technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and has shown no sign of slowing down. Works of creative expression are commonly authored and shared on platforms, such as social media sites, which are governed by complex terms of use and various laws. Written works, music, photographs, as well as prerecorded and live video can be transmitted across the world and can go “viral” without much thought as to the rights of the works’ creators. Ladas & Parry has kept at the forefront of this ever-evolving legal area and advises clients on potential rights and liabilities stemming from Internet transmission of protected works. From the average end-user, to publishing and production companies, to platform hosts, we have a deep understanding of the issues which can arise, the laws which apply, and the various means of resolving disputes.  Our attorneys advise all of these types of clients on issues regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), its requirements, procedures, and take-down processes.

+ Monitoring, Enforcement & Defense

Ladas & Parry works with clients to develop proactive strategies to monitor, enforce, and protect their copyrights. We encourage clients to utilize full-term retention as an evidentiary tool to ensure the maximum duration of protection and U.S. Customs recordals for registered copyrights to prevent infringing goods from entering the United States.

Whether a client is being accused of infringement, or is bringing such a claim against another party, Ladas & Parry attorneys are experienced in litigation and various forms of dispute resolution and are qualified to practice in numerous U.S. and European jurisdictions.

+ Industry Specific Contracts

The Copyright and Entertainment Group has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating music recording contracts, production company contracts, and management, publicity, publishing and sponsor-related contracts, for a wide variety of clients. We have represented clients ranging from major record labels, production companies and motion-picture companies to recording artists, comedians and managers in the field of entertainment.  We have also negotiated with major performance rights societies on behalf of its clients. Our clients include platinum and gold selling recording artists in the pop, R&B, jazz and rap genres.

+ Rights of Publicity

The Copyright and Entertainment Group counsels clients on right of publicity and right to privacy matters in the commercial context. We have been successful in protecting our clients’ propriety rights and/or negotiating royalty-bearing licenses for our clients as well as in defending against right of publicity claims. Our group has represented both famous living individuals and the estates of deceased famous personalities.