Trademarks & Brands

Trademarks are an integral part of a company’s identity, and are also critical business assets that can represent significant commercial value and investment. Ladas & Parry’s award winning Trademark Group has successfully protected our clients’ brands in individual jurisdictions and worldwide for generations. In 2013, we filed over 2,500 trademark applications worldwide. We realize that in today’s shrinking world and ultra-competitive climate, trademark owners must maximize and coordinate the protection of these assets at home and abroad, and integrate them with actual business activities and plans.

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+ National & International Trademark Clearance, Filing, & Prosecution

Ladas & Parry assists clients with evaluating and selecting trademarks for registration based on their business needs. Our attorneys work with clients to troubleshoot and assess the strengths and weaknesses of proposed trademarks in relation to real-world uses and commercial considerations. We routinely conduct clearance searches for trademarks of any type for use and registration in one or multiple countries and secure registrations in all jurisdictions that recognize trademarks.

For an overview of the process of obtaining a registered trademark in the United States, see our Education Center article on the topic.

+ Renewal & Maintenance

At Ladas & Parry, we believe our job does not end with the successful registration of our clients’ marks.  We offer a full range of competitively priced renewal and maintenance services. Our trademark services come with the benefit of complimentary access to our online IP portfolio management site, Ladas Exchange, where clients can review their entire portfolio, budget for anticipated costs, and seamlessly instruct maintenance actions.

+ Worldwide Portfolio Management & Strategy

Whether our clients own a single mark in one or multiple jurisdictions, or they manage a worldwide portfolio, Ladas & Parry will analyze their existing portfolio against their commercial needs and budgets to assess proper protection from a global and business perspective. When conducting portfolio reviews we are mindful of the hidden potential of old marks. By strategically disposing of or recycling these marks, we can turn expense into potential revenue streams. Ladas & Parry has tens of thousands of trademarks under our management.

Our extensive knowledge and resources allow us to efficiently and effectively coordinate trademark filings in all countries around the world where trademark registration is available, and to take advantage of trademark treaties and conventions where they are beneficial. With several European Qualified Attorneys and offices in London and Munich, we represent clients operating in Europe directly before the European Community Trademark & Designs Office (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market), at considerable savings.

+ Monitoring, Enforcement, & Defense

We encourage our clients to be vigilant and police their brands. Utilizing our affiliate, Principium Strategies’ Global Trademark Watch Services, which screen trademark gazettes from more than 200 jurisdictions, alone or in combination with its Global Domain Name and other Watch Services alerts our clients to potentially conflicting marks in order to take prompt action.  Clients can review and manage Watch notices online at no additional cost.  We are experienced in implementing anti-counterfeiting strategies through collaboration with local law enforcement, Customs, and international border enforcement entities to prevent third-parties from trading off of the goodwill of our clients’ brands.

We manage intellectual property disputes throughout the world. Our Litigation Department has extensive experience in complex U.S. intellectual property disputes and routinely commences and defends intellectual property infringement and unfair competition actions in Federal and State courts, as well as represents clients in oppositions and cancellations before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. International Trade Commission.

+ Domain Names & Digital Brands

Trademarks play an important role in locating and identifying information on the Internet, and Ladas & Parry recognizes their value and risks for trademark owners in an increasingly digital world.  Ladas & Parry is the only U.S.-based law firm with an affiliated brand monitoring  service and ICANN-accredited domain name registrar subsidiary, Principium Strategies, dedicated to servicing the domain needs of brand owners.  Principium Strategies registers domain names within all top level domains, including the country code top level domains (ccTLDs), the established generic top level domains (gTLDs), and the new generic top level domains. Prinicipium Strategies also monitors domains through domain name watch services, and registers trademarks with the Trademark Clearinghouse and other related services. Our knowledge, experience and technologies set Ladas & Parry apart as an industry leader in protecting digital corporate assets and brands.

+ Transactions

As one of the most significant assets of a company, intellectual property, including trademarks, plays a critical role in commercial transactions, and Ladas & Parry is a pioneer in the commercialization, exploitation, securitization, and licensing of these rights throughout the world. Our Trademark Group works closely with our Transactional Group to ensure that trademarks, domains and other intangible assets are properly valued and managed. We handle all types of business dealings including: assignments; change of name recordals; mergers & acquisitions; licensing; due diligence; security interests in intellectual property; collaboration agreements and strategic alliances; franchising and distribution; IP audits and promotional and sweepstakes compliance.